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Greater Melbourne Pigeon Federation.
Let The Countdown Begin.

The 2018 racing season will commence soon. For more information on race points, click on the blue link to download the GMPF 2018 Race Schedule.



The Greater Melbourne Pigeon Federation Auction Site is NOW ONLINE. Stay Tuned For Auction Listings.

Buy and Sell your pigeons online. What a great way to pickup some of the best pigeons in Australia from both Australian and Imported blood lines. So don't forget to login and register your account.

Pigeon studs are also welcome to open an online store that can display pictures and pedigrees of their foundation stock and youngsters for sale at a BUY NOW price. 

For more information regarding Fees, Listings and Terms & Conditions visit our site today.


Just click on the images below to visit their website today. 


Benzing Chip Rings

Those with chip rings who need help to put them into their clock
Neil will do this for a small cost.

Contact: Neil Dela Cruz  
Phone : 0413 406 947

Please remember because this can be very time consuming DO NOT leave it to the week before racing.

Report Lost Birds

For any lost birds please contact our ring secretary on the details below.

Contact: Marg Blackney 
Phone : 0436 131 648

If you can please provide some water and rice for the bird we will be very grateful. 

Rota Virus Update

For ongoing updates on the rota virus please click on the following link to Dr Colin Walker’s website.

Also please take the time to DOWNLOAD the ANRPB FORM and email it to back to David Walker.

King Island 2018

The Dandenong Racing Pigeon Club is holding its King Island race on the Saturday the 26/05/2018 & 02/06/2018.

Thursday night basketing at Dandenong Club Rooms. 

Call Neville on 0413 912168 for more info or click here to DOWNLOAD the FORM.

Web Master Contact

GMPF Webmaster
Garry Gillard


Phone: 0406 962550                     
GMPF Secretary Dominic Paruit