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Peter Dwyer has won this years ‘Mornington Cup’, congratulations to Peter.

Dominic Paruit has taken out this years ‘ Sprint series’ with a consistent number of wins, congratulations to Dominic.

Mildura I on the 14th of August from 500 Km is the 2016 race point for the prestigious Mornington Cup.

Maryborough race I & II

Basketing from 5pm on Friday and basketing from 4.30 on Sunday.

Don’t forget your $400 upfront fee is payable no later than Friday before the first race.

Peter D will be transporting the birds to Frankston on Friday, we need to have the birds there by no later than 7.15 pm.

We still need someone for Sunday to transport the birds.

Congratulations Scott Farley & Sons Club Champions Aggregate Winners 2015.


Picture Scott

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