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GMPF Rota Virus Update.

Dear GMPF member,

Please click on the link below to download the recent ANRPB press release, and its update on the Rota Virus vaccine as well as their recomendations.

ANRPB Press release 16.04.18

We recommend that all members read this press release. We will also have this posted upon our website.

In short, it appears that there is no certain date or time frame that can be provided as to when the vaccine will be available.

"Dr White advises that the rotavirus vaccine will definitely require two 0.3ml doses, at a minimum of 3 weeks apart; and that a further 1-2 weeks would be required for the vaccine to be fully effective; meaning that birds would need to be vaccinated 5 weeks prior to racing (or showing)."

In lieu of a definitive answer as to when the vaccine will become available, the executive voted on the 19.04.18 to provide the GMPF members with at least some form of commitment, schedule and certainty.

As a result we will continue to monitor this development, but have decided to maintain course and allow this constantly changing story to play out whilst monitoring it closely.

The GMPF race schedule set to begin on the 23rd of June will remain in the meantime.

We are obligated to inform our members, but before this we must put the welfare of our birds first.

As advised last year, we encourage all members to conduct best practices biosecurity measures and maintain the health of their birds.

GMPF Secretary
Dominic Paruit 



GMPF 2018 Race Schedule.

Please note: I have added the 2018 Race Schedule to the Downloads Menu.

We also need to ratify some elements of the schedule at the AGM , whilst they are only minor things there will be some changes. 



GMPF Auction Site Online.

Buy and Sell your pigeons online. What a great way to pickup some of the best pigeons in Australia from both Australian and Imported blood lines. So don't forget to login and register your account at



2017 Presentation Day

John and Linda Shore kindly offered their residence to host this occasion and once again they did not disappoint. Everyone had a great time and we would like to thank both John and Linda Shore for hosting our GMPF event.

To view photographs of the event visit the 2017 Photo Gallery Page

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